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Capacitive Touch Switch Board

Capacitive Touch Switch Board Bell
Capacitive Touch Switch Board light
Capacitive Touch Switch Board 2 lights
Capacitive Touch Switch Board 3 lights
Capacitive Touch Switch Board 4+1
Capacitive Touch Switch Board 4+2
Capacitive Touch Switch Board
Capacitive Touch Switch Board
Capacitive Touch Switch Board

Capacitive touch screen switch boards are the elegant switch board panels attached with an End Device Controller enables the control of home appliances via panel touch or wireless commands. Panel images are customizable and chosen based on the user request, thus not altering the aesthetics of the home interiors. We have multiple Variants for touch panels. Capacitive Touch Switch boards are available to fit-in your 2-Module, 4-module & 6-Module switch board boxes. These come in following combinations:
1. 2-Module Switch Box unit with 4Load control for ON/OFF.
2. 4-Module Switch Box unit with 5Load control 4 for ON/OFF and 1 for Level control (Dimmer).
3. 6-Module Switch Box unit with 9Load control 8 for ON/OFF and 1 for Level control (Dimmer).

  • Directly fits in to the Standard Switch board of 2,4,6,8 and 12 Module Switch board sizes.
  • Easily configurable and can be added to the IHD gateway.
  • Clear status indication.
  • Absolutely safe and shock proof.
  • Maintains the status condition even on Power interruption.
  • Easy to install by any electrician or minimal knowledge of Electrical wiring.
  • Can be retrofitted in existing Switch board without any changes in the Switch board wiring.
  • Smart sense with auto-tune for a reliable Capacitive Sensing.
  • Configurable controls to suit individual requirements.
  • Built in PCB Antenna with wide range.
  • Standard Tarang/ZigBee Mesh Technology.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Compatible to standard switch board size.
  • Custom designs possible for non standard/Antique Switch boards.
  • Elegant mounting system.
  • Custom images for the touch screens can be provided.
  • Configurable 2 Way control.
  • Configurable status LED to be off and retrieve on single touch on the touch panel
  • Custom Designs with Corian & wood surfaces for bulk orders.
  • All this form a integrated HAS with IHD Gateway.
  • Built in SMPS with Power Supply i/p Range of 100-260Volts.
  • Connectable Load capacity for individual outtlet is up to 10Amps.
  • Total Device Rating for 4Loads is <25Amps (Appr 4KW).
  • User replaceable glass fuse provision for every 4Loads..
  • Dimmer with 7 Levels of Speed control with single digit level indication.
  • Dimmer is designed for Fan application or Incandescent Lamp <250W.
  • Wireless 2.4GHz license free band Operation.
  • Wireless TX/RX Activity Indication by LED.
  • Zigbee standard compatible.
  • Optional Wifi Based Devices.