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Wireless Switch Board Control

Wireless Switch Board Control
Wireless Switch Board Control

Wireless Switch Board is Zigbee based smart device which can be easily installed in to your Existing 4module or higher size Switch board. You can connect the Existing Switches to this unit and you are ready to add the device to your IHD Gateway to control through an Android App wirelessly and also through local Switches and Dimmers. Simple Dimming control through the dimmer unit, which can be fitted in to Existing dimmer. This unit is pre configured with unique RF ID number for remote control. Switch board Phase lines are connected through the relay contacts of this module. Supply to the connected loads will be controlled through these relay contacts. These relays are operated in wireless through our IHD Gateway External manual switch operation will change the state of ON/Off. This change of state will be automatically updated in the Android App.

This is a small RF based unit, which can be fitted in existing switched board. Standard unit comes with following combinations:
4 ON/OFF Controls + 2 Dimming controls
5 ON/OFF Controls + 1 Dimming control
6 ON/OFF Controls

  • Control up to six Loads.
  • You can even connect the Dimmer through the same unit.
  • Switches are connected with Low Voltage <5V.
  • Safe to operate with wet hands.
  • Absolutely safe and shock proof.
  • Maintains the status as in Switch condition after Power interruption.
  • Easy to install by any electrician or minimal knowledge of Electrical wiring 67.
  • Control of multiple Units with single Controller.
  • Manual control status update.
  • Control range 100 meters Line Of Sight.
  • High Gain Antennas for extendable ranges.
  • Standard Tarang/ZigBee/T-Mesh Technology.
  • Low power consumption.
  • compatible to standard 4-module switch board or higher size.
  • inbuilt Serial Touch interface makes it upgradable with our Cap-Touch 4+1 or 8+1.
  • unit instead of mechanical switches reusing the existing unit.
  • SMPS with Supply Range of 100-260Volts.
  • Connected Load capacity for individual is up to 10Amps, Total Device Rating <20Amps (Appr 4KW).
  • Dimmer is with 7 Levels of Speed control.
  • Dimmer is designed for Fan application or Incandescent Lamp <250W.
  • Wireless 2.4GHz license free band Operation.
  • Wireless TX/RX Activity Indication by LED.
  • Control range 70-100 meters Line Of Sight.
  • Zigbee standard compatible.
  • Optional Wifi Based.
  • Dimensions: 105 X 50 X 22 mm.