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In Home Display (IHD)

In Home Display
In Home Display

In Home Display is the heart of an integrated home automation network. Gateway acts as a bridge between home automation RF network and local Wi-Fi network thus enabling bi-directional communication between end control nodes /sensor nodes and Smart Phones / Tablet / Cloud.

  • Compact table top device with standard 5V/1A AC Adaptor.
  • Interactive device configuration and live status indication via display and LEDs.
  • Helps to add all the HAS Devices in to the RF Network through easy steps.
  • Supports ZigBee,6LoWPAN and wifi RF Networks.
  • Supports 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHZ).
  • Supports IPv6 addressable nodes in 6LoWPAN RF Networks.
  • Supports optional cloud connectivity for the global access.
  • Simple device configuration steps through the Smart Phone Application.
  • Supports addition/removal/configuration of the end devices in the RF network any time.