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Technology around the globe is innovating and expanding at an exponential rate. Technology impacts the shape of our lives and became essential part of our day to day life. We see the advancement everywhere; in the infrastructure, transportation, energy distribution, mobile technologies, building automation, thus the same with the homes. Smart homes are the residential extension of the building automation. Automation of appliances, lighting, air conditioning, heating, ventilation and security has become necessity than a luxury.

To address the growing demand for various home automation requirements SUVANA TECHNO-SOLUTIONS introduced the Integrated Smart Home Solution. The primary purpose of the solution is to aid people in living more comfortable and convenient life. The Integrated Smart Home Solution brings all the connected home control and sensing elements to a centralised place and provide extended accessibility across the globe with the power of IoT technologies.!!

With the SUVANA Smart Home Solution, You are never away from home !!

Cloud extension

Optional cloud extension enables the home automation elements to be globally accessed via internet. With the necessary security credentials, one must be able to use the same mobile/tablet application and log-in to access any of the connected elements in the home network. Presently this is established via third-party cloud partners with bare minimum software from their side only to perform the port forwarding.

Products adding with Wireless capability

  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • Door Bell Camera
  • IR Learner / Blaster (to control IR Remote based devices)
  • IP based CCTV monitoring
  • Smart Door Lock System
  • LPG Leak Gas sensor
  • Smoke Sensor
  • Glass break Sensor
  • Door sensor
  • Panic Switch
  • Milk
Gas Metering AMR

Smart Sensor Modules

Smart Sensor Modules are the low power battery operated devices in the RF network which are custom built based on the user requirement. These modules can be placed at strategic locations and used for various security/safety/information purposes.

Available Sensors
Temperature Sensor
Humidity Sensor