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Gas Metering AMR

Gas Metering AMR
Gas Metering AMR

Tarang module Based Pulse metering units mountable to any Gas meter for metering. The Most Economical Solution to enable the Wireless metering in to the Suvana RF GAS AMR is a wireless module which is specially designed for applications where the Pulse output of various metering devices need to be incorporated into a wireless network for creating the cost effective AMR solution. The Output of the GAS meter is directly connected to RF GAS AMR unit with enclosure of IP-65 unit. The running Pulse count will be stored in the local memory, the local total count will be transmitted in the Wireless Network at preset time interval to the Coordinator through Star/point-point network. An open, bi-directional & extensible infrastructure that uses low-cost devices to send the data from Gas meters. Secure, store, forward, acknowledge mechanism ensures high data reliability, easy to install, capable of handling expanding network of meters with minimal latency virtually maintenance free

  • RF frequency of 865MHz to 869MHz.
  • Very Low Power, Battery operated.
  • Spring Antenna.
  • On Board Power Control.
  • Built in Controller.
  • Monitors and counts the meter Pulses Accurately.
  • Internal Tamper Detection local log and immediate Reporting to DCU.
  • On Board RTC and auto alignment with DCU time.
  • Internal Backup of Count log data for 1week. Over the Air Download of the same.
  • Over the Air Configuration of the metering Devices.
  • Acknowledgement based point-to-point & multipoint communication with data hopping over repeaters.
  • Settable channels, baud-rate, air-data rate and RF Transmit power.
  • Operates on 865GHz Frequency at 256kbps.
  • Operates on ┬ŻAA size, 3.6V battery.
  • Retrofit table / Adaptable to any Meter make.
  • Battery life more than 4 years.