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Data Concentrator Unit (DCU)

E-Smart Plug

DCU creates the necessary network infrastructure by linking several Gas/water metering units to the central utility server. It receives the data from the group MUI’s in the network and transfers all data to the configured Remote Data Server through GPRS Link. The data concentrator also synchronizes time and date of metering units to the central utility server and enables secure data transfer of user authentication. One DCU will be required for each Network Group, which can have up to 1024 metering units. DCU is an intelligent device with built-in 865MHz RF Tarang UT-20 module to acquire data from Gas Metering units with built-in GPRS to transmit data to the Data Acquisition Server Interfaced with Data Logger PC.

  • Upstream communication to the Central Serveron GPRS/GSM and Downstream to the Meters Interface Units.
  • Manage upto 1024 metering Nodes.
  • Installed in the customers it eco-located with a Gas distribution.
  • Automatically discover and add new Meterson installation.
  • Collect and report the data including consumption,Tamper,unused.
  • Store Upto 90 days meter data in the SD Card memory.
  • Maintain mesyncwithmetersandServer.
  • Monitor and report the and not working from meters.
  • DCU will always receive the consumption details from each Meter in gun it in the network.
  • Communicates with the Central server database using FTP server through GPRS.
  • Download Tariff tables and configurationof Devices from SD Card.
  • Receive every 6/12/24 Hours consumption from the Meters under its network.
  • Detect Device failures and logs the same.
  • Monitor the health and opera on of the devices.
  • Real- me Tamper Alerts/Event notifications to Data Centre.
  • Specially designed secured algorithms to detect and validate various UTILITY defined tamper conditions, supply and service violation sets.
  • Interfaces, RS232, GRPS/GSM, and Wireless RF Free band 865MHz.
  • Network : 2G GSM/GPRS 900/1800 MHz.
  • RF 865 MHz (Unlicensed Band).
  • Power : 5V, 2A .
  • Operating Temp : -10 to 80 Deg C.
  • GSM/GPRS Module : Quested M12E.
  • Dual-Band : 900/1800MHz.
  • GPRS Multi-slot Class : 12, 1~12 configurable .
  • GPRS Mobile Station : Class 4.
  • DATA : Class 12, : Protocol - TCP, FTP.
  • RF Module : Tarang UT-20Ver 3.0.
  • Operating Frequency : 865.1- 866.9MHz .
  • Frequency channels : 10.
  • Frequency Deviation : 25 KHz .
  • Spacing : 200 KHz .
  • Transmit power : 19dBm Typical.
  • RF Data Rate : 50 Kbps .
  • Receiver Sensitivity : -110 dBm.
  • Network Operation : Star & Peer to Peer.
  • Micro SD Card slot : 2GB to 16GB.
  • Antenna : GSM – External Pigtail.
  • RF – External Pigtail.