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Building Management System

SUVANA Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd, is established in June, 2010 at Hyderabad, India as its registered office and started its operations with main focus on Building Management Solution and Home Automation SUVANA is an innovation driven company, offering creative solutions that save costs and enhance productivity.SUVANA started with an aim to design and manufacture reliable products with the latest technologies to meet the requirements of customers at its best quality.

Tank / SUMP water level monitoring and Control

  • Overhead Tank, SUMP, STP level monitoring and generating alarms to maintenance.
  • Longer Range without any repeaters.
  • Low cost with 6 channel level monitoring device.
  • SMS alerts to maintenance staff.
  • Local display on Coordinator for status monitoring.
  • Literally no limitation of tanks connectivity.
  • Qualified to work under high humid areas.
  • IP65 enclosures wherever necessary.

DG Set Diesel Level and ON/OFF status Monitoring

  • Capacitive or Conductive base Diesel Level monitoring.
  • Min/Max two levels per tank or continuous 100% level.
  • Alert generation to Maintenance staff.
  • SMS alerts to maintenance staff.
  • DG set ON/OFF monitoring.
  • Generating alarm if not ON, or if not OFF.
  • DG Energy consumption information to Central Server for bill generation and distribution.
  • Standard safety certified sensors and equipment.

Surveilance, Fire alarm and Intrusion detection

  • Periphery Security with more than 5 meters of IR barriers.
  • Indoor and Outdoor CC/IPTV security with night vision and motion detection.
  • Guard Monitoring System for monitoring guard movements.
  • Crime Alert and Alarming System for complete colony.
  • Smoke and Heat detectors stand alone and addressing type.
  • Home security or complete society security.
  • SMS alerts to all stake holders and POLICE control room.

Street light Automation

  • Two High current outputs
  • Very Low Power Consumption < 5uA
  • 6KV Surge Protected Switch Mode Power Supply with universal input 85V – 360V AC
  • POLE wise Energy Metering of Class 1 accuracy.
  • Built-in Real Time Clock with remote adjustable feature.
  • Full Industrial Design.
  • IP65 – all Whether Protected/Proof Enclosure.

Access Control & Parking

  • Vehicle RFID registration with Vehicle’s Image.
  • Auto Access to residents or regular visitors at the distance of 10 meters.
  • Standalone or PC based with user friendly GUI.
  • Minimum one month data of vehicle moments.
  • Vehicle RFID OFF when Ignition turned OFF.
  • Different reports for verifications and validation of information.
  • Minimal human intervention.
  • Manual override facility.

Biometric Door Lock, Video Door phone Intercomm Visitor Management

  • Simple Intercom no limitation maximum connections.
  • With or without caller ID.
  • From Main security or Tower lobby to internal apartments.
  • With or without video.
  • Video door phones with inter apartment communication.
  • Support world’s best makes.
  • Active / Passive RFID based visitor tracking.
  • Photo based visitors contact details for min. 6 months storage.
  • RFID, Biometric & PIN based door locks.
  • Wi-Fi/ ZigBee communication for remote access.

Building Management Software

  • Graphic User Interface, developed using latest software technologies.
  • Web based application for remote access to its all users.
  • Customized Billing.
  • Flexibility of Pre-paid, Post paid and Hybrid.
  • Online bill payment.
  • Near Real Time data.
  • Ease of Maintenance and Preventive measures.
  • Implementation of revised Tariff.
  • SMS, email updates and alerts to residents, maintenance and association on monthly billing and other maintenance issues.
  • Track Customer Grievances.
  • Theft and mis-use control.
  • Optional: Concierge, Home Automation Integration, inter apartment message, periphery security.